“Adler and Wilkerson provide an insightful analysis in Congress and the Politics of Problem Solving that provides a more complex view of Congress than the one-dimensional critique we typically get from the press. They discuss institutional practices and processes that drive congressional problem solving and why members of Congress continue to perpetuate them.Although this appears to be the most partisan and dysfunctional Congress in memory, Adler and Wilkerson demonstrate that Democrats and Republicans in Congress are capable of cooperating when they need to.”

Representative Henry A. Waxman, 30th Congressional District of California

“Congress and the Politics of Problem Solving is the first serious rethinking of the role and operation of Congress in twenty years or more. It has the potential of encouraging congressional scholars to rethink manyof the ‘givens’ in the field, and will be widely cited and adopted in courses. Additionally, it will be warmly regarded by public policy scholars and by practitioners and any who care about the operation of Congress.

Bryan Jones, J. J. “Jake” Pickle Regents Chair in Congressional
Studies, University of Texas at Austin

“This book is the culmination of an enormous effort by the authors,stretching over many years, to collect relevant data on the law-making process and to use the data to address important theoretical issues. The results are impressive. Every congressional researcher will want to read and understand the arguments and evidence the authors marshal, and studentswill benefit greatly from having this book assigned in class.”

David W. Rohde, Ernestine Friedl Professor of Political Science,
Duke University

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